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How to Make the Most of Your Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is just another day for some people, but for others, it’s an opportunity to express how special they feel their loved one is to them. The sentimental attachment to this day doesn’t mean that you only appreciate people you love on this day, once a year. Valentine’s day just adds to how special an experience it is, and a memorable one at that.

Valentine’s day is also not exclusively for lovers or partners, who said you compulsorily need a companion to feel special and loved for this one day in a year. Spending Valentine’s day alone is not awful or bad and shouldn’t be seen as that Celebrate yourself, have some fun time with other people, mingle and meet people, treat yourself to a spa date, pamper yourself. It can be just as memorable if you make it so.

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We’ve come up with a few ways to help you make this Valentine’s day a memorable one –

Plan Accordingly

Things don’t go well without proper planning, and this should be put into consideration. The earlier the planning, the better the experience. You don’t want to be looking left out on Valentine’s day.

Plans to make concerning this are usually on individual preferences and depending on what your partner likes. You might consider taking them back in time, bringing back an experience, sharing fun moments, surprising them, etc.

Spend Quality Time

Things happening on this day obviously can’t be rushed. Spending quality time doing whatever it is either you and your partner or yourself alone plans to do, is worth it. Extra moments make people feel special, this can’t be overemphasized.

With that in mind, on the 14th of February, here at Jabi Boat Club, we will be having special performances from different artists. You could expect a fun-filled, love-themed serenading night. Performances from the likes of Atela, Eleesha, …to mention a few.

We take great pleasure in putting our customers first and this promises to be a wonderful experience.

Cheers! & See you on Valentine’s Day!

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