Why Jabi Boat Club Is The Best (Recreational) Port In Abuja

Jabi Boat Club Main-27
Jabi Boat Club Main-27

What started the journey that led to the birth of Jabi Boat Club, was the desire to reawaken the sights, sounds, vibrancy and fun-filled activities of the Jabi lake. JBC has not fallen short of this dream, as day-in, day-out, it’s all fun and vibes.

JBC is easily one of the top hangout spots in Abuja and here’s why –


You’re welcomed with a pleasant, soothing ambiance, not just any that’s seen around –  the lake view, the sound of the subtle tumbling waves of the lake coupled with the cool feel, a garden/park, a beach-themed woodworks restaurant and so much more that’d make you stick around.


JBC hosts some of the grandest beach parties in Nigeria with various top artists, different guests and people from all around the world.  These events are usually afro-tropically themed, consciously and specially packaged to give fun and hospitality seekers the best they can get anywhere in the world, here.

Want to host your birthday parties or a mini one-day get-away with friends or family? picnic? you can call to make reservations, all at affordable prices. Still contemplating? check out our full gallery here, to get a feel of JBC


Here, you’d see state of the art watercraft ranging from Jet-skis, Pontoon Party Boats, Kayaks, Pedal Boats, and Fishing Boats, right in the city where aquatic life and beach experiences are scarce.

Each of these boats has maximum capacity and maximum time limit for each ride:

For the Jet-skis and Kayaks – Maximum duration of 30 minutes a ride and maximum capacity of 2 persons

Pedal Boats – Maximum duration of 30 minutes a ride and maximum capacity of 4 persons

Canoe Boats – Maximum duration of 30 minutes a ride and a maximum capacity of 3 persons

Pontoon Party Boats – Maximum duration of 1 hour a ride and a maximum capacity of 15 persons

Depending on the boat-ride package or packages you’d love to go for, it’d interest you to know that some packages come with complimentary services. Check out our boats here.


What’s a hangout without food or something refreshing? The Woodhouse Restaurant takes care of your cravings with its various cuisines – Burgers, Chicken Wings, BBQ, Grilled Catfish, Snail, the Woodhouse specials and a variety of sides to choose from to give your meal a complete look.

Did I mention that our very own Woodhouse Burger gained the name “Best Burger in Abuja”?… Oh well, there you have it! One of the perks of hanging out at JBC.

The Woodhouse Bar is definitely not left out, it’s fully stocked with just about any drink you’d love to satisfy your thirst with. There’s a variety of Cocktails, Mocktails, Wines, Beers, Sodas, Champagnes, Whiskeys, Tequilas and different flavors of Shisha.

Be rest assured you’d come again after your first visit because we leave you wanting more.

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