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The Jet Ski Experience

Jet Ski
Jet Ski

Abuja isn’t so endowed with water bodies and it is not fibbing to say that watercraft and water-related sports are often not seen around. At Jabi Boat Club, you can be sure of a fun & safe environment, we pride ourselves on maintaining the most reliable watercraft in the city of Abuja. Imagine enjoying your ride on the beautiful Jabi lake on a personal watercraft. The surreal feel; one, some can’t trade for any other moment.

Getting into town sometime soon? Looking for something fun to do on the water? You should consider going on a Jet-ski. Fun to do for both adults and children. An adventurous and thrilling experience best suited for those who yearn for that adrenaline rush and also for anyone who wants a change with excitement from their mundane lives 😉

Jet skiing is not only fun but also helps in burning calories, boosting endurance, increasing balance & improving heart functions. That act of crouching, sitting & maneuvering while riding helps in burning calories, maintaining balance, and coordination.

Try riding one and see for yourself, experience the Jabi Boat Club watersports feel, firsthand.

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