Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night
Karaoke Night

Why Karaoke? –

Because everyone sings, either in their cars, houses, in the shower or even in the church. Whichever one it is, people sing at one point or the other. Karaoke is for everyone, with a little background music, help from a live audience and words on the screen, and you’re sure to fulfill your fantasy of being a rock star. 

If you’re the Ariana Grande of your kitchen or even the Drake of your bathroom, then karaoke is definitely the place for you to have “fans”

Come have fun with family, friends or colleagues after the day’s work at Jabi Boat Club, every second and last Wednesday for our Karaoke Night, arranged specially for a rock star like you 🙂

At Jabi Boat Club Karaoke Night, we give you great music, great food, drinks, all to go with the beautiful scenery, cool atmosphere, and opportunity to meet and greet lovely people.  Don’t forget to tag us on your pictures on Instagram.

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