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Happy Hour

Happy Hour
Happy Hour

For many, happy hour is considered the best hour, to unwind and treat oneself to anything special after the day’s work. It has become one popular pastime for people – coworkers catching up on other activities outside of work, friends reconnecting just after the day’s job, and even for families.

Ever wondered where the “happy hour” phrase originated from? Let’s not go into details on that but the next time you’re enjoying with friends, or family during happy hour, remember to toast to the people that started this great movement 😉

At Jabi Boat Club, we take pleasure in your satisfaction and we leave you wanting more. The Wood House Restaurant has always made this a reality as customers continuously attest to the great taste of meals and exquisite drinks.

Don’t miss the Jabi Boat Club Happy Hour deals by the Wood House Restaurant, every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm.

With up to 50% discount on Burgers, Chicken Wings & Fries, Beer, Hookah, Mocktails, and Cocktails. Enjoy even better deals when you’re a repeat happy hour customer or when in groups.

You can equally request for games and fun activities to go with the happy hour. Don’t be “happy” alone and definitely don’t keep this special deal to yourself, invite your family and friends – share the happy moments with them… cheers!

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